Filomena Farms

Filomena Farms is an urban nano-farm, creative studio, and consultancy inspired by regenerative design and operated by Margaret Gardner. Here you’ll find projects, ideas and resources that reflect the many aspects of Filomena Farms. 

With a background in teaching adult learners, skilled craft, and project management, Margaret explores the lens of permaculture philosophy to share ideas and resources that help us care for each other, our earth, and make the most of the abundant opportunities for rich and rewarding lives.



With several varieties of fruit tree guilds, many native, medicinal, and edible specimens, and 4 high-efficiency raised beds, Filomena Farms nano-farm features 5 types of gardens and counting.

We’re taste-testing rare specimens and experimental recipes, celebrating harvests, collaborating with fellow gardeners, and exchanging ideas, information, and plants.



Margaret’s seasonal projects include raku-fired lanterns, functional stoneware, and sculptural forms. She has participated in a selection of local, curated shows and enjoys sharing her work through open studios and online sales.

A net-metered solar array provides most of the energy for kiln firings and the search for more sustainable materials continues.

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Regenerative (permaculture) design philosophy is primarily about relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

Margaret applies adult learning theory to practice, professional development strategies, and regenerative design to support individuals and groups in finding success through meaningful service.

If you hope to define or refine your life’s work, increase resilience and sustainable practices, or incorporate these aims into your work with others, let’s talk.