Filomena Farms, LLC

This experimental urban nano-farm and creative studio is operated by Margaret Gardner and friends with the mission to share both material and conceptual harvests through sustainable and regenerative practices, creative problem solving, and innovative design.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Land

Filomena Farms, LLC honors and respects the diverse indigenous peoples connected to this region historically, in the present day, and for future generations. This .11 acre nano-farm in Portland, Oregon is part of the traditional territories that served as Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Chinook, Tualatin Kalapuya, Molalla and many others' village sites and summer encampments along the Columbia and Willamette rivers for thousands of years. 

Zia Filomena

The story of Margaret's Great Auntie (Zia-zia) Filomena is cloaked in mystery. We do know she lived in a time when urban enclaves of Italian immigrant groups in the U.S. cultivated even the smallest patches of available land to support their lives in some way. Since Auntie Filomena's time, ancestral threads have been broken and stories lost, but many of us continue to grow food at home, trade with family and friends, tinker and make the most of the bounty that's all around is.

Despite factory farming and industrial food production, the urban nano-farming effort has persistent roots. It continues in the countryside, suburbs, and even small urban patches like this.

Filomena Farms with an "s"

Not only do we support and report upon this one pinpoint, but we also extend and multiply through collaboration, idea exchange, and regenerative design services. By sharing our endeavors, we hope that examples of attempts, failures, and successes at urban sustainability, collaboration, and every-day design inspire similar efforts.


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